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The Virtue of Doing Hard Things

September 9, 2018


I am not big on watching.

Thus kneeling or not, the NFL is but a TV show to me, nice if I am too done to do other things, even enjoyable, as I toil on my exercise bike in the dark.

I also read far less than I write. Indefensible, as the insights and information of others enriches me every time I delve into the writing of others 920x920

At 63, there are choices, but there are more inevitabilities. I have never, perhaps ever, been mellow. Whether that is good or bad, well it’s too late, it just is.

Similarly I cannot fish, sunbathe, even hire out lawn mowing. What does not cost seems to have less value than the fruits of effort.

So Zen is alien to this apologetic Westerner. I understand the insanity of stone walls built to clear the land and, oh yeah, separate sheep from corn (maybe not).


It is not a disease, it is not a virtue, the doing is not about receiving, achieving or getting somewhere. I just like it.

I could have taken yesterday to read the 12 books on my bedside I have read 10-100 pages of for the last decade. 6 years ago I would have gone to a son’s game,
image 10 years ago I would have gone to another’s concert, this year I spent the day with 3 other committees for 7 hours in some heady resolutions of large and small evolutions in the Episcopal Church,
0256BE0D-3F90-4440-8588-BBC2D8CA28DD then to 3 hours of fundraising at the radio station I have a show on. 514FE798-2118-4A67-817E-196DA168252C
It was, dare I say, fun.

Not the selling of books to raise money or the review of budgets, but the doing.

Doing, for me, can be enough.

That is why this week, again, I entered a project into 3 categories in an AIA competition. I have won a bunch of those but have lost so many more times I think I have developed PTSD. Once again I am sure, a child shall be rejected.

It seems that failure, missed expectations even achievement are simply not as important as effort. So be it.


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