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YOUNG at Home

September 23, 2018



Designers most often design for their contemporaries. When those young creatives start out, they begin with mentors and a paycheck, but they inevitably seek or encounter those who want to create something. So they start designing for those who need them, but not a lengthy resume. Since everyone owns a home, and some want that home to become THEIR home, and often find a young designer who is exploring their craft to help them do that.

So today HOME PAGE talks to those who are Young, Gifted and Designing.

First, from Colorado,  we contact Alex Gore and Lance Cayko, who met while completing their master’s degrees in architecture from North Dakota State University, won several top architecture awards in their graduating class. While they were able to find architecture careers after college, the recession hit, and both friends were soon laid off from their first jobs. They started the F9 productions in Colorado, a technologically astute design firm, that started in 2009. Their firm has since grown from  design and production services for other designers.

Then we call Ming Thompson, one half of  Atelier Cho Thompson (AKA ACT) , a design firm based in Connecticut and San Francisco. The firm was started by Thompson and Christina Cho Yoo. Ming focuses on all scales from Furniture to logo’s and everything in between. Ming studied at Yale and Harvard, and prior to creating her own firm she worked for larger firms all around the world.

Lastly we talk to designer/writer Ben Willis who is a licensed architect who received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Notre Dame, with a concentration in furniture design. In 2014, he joined Union Studio, a 22-person architecture & community design firm in Providence, RI.  There, he has worked on modular, multifamily, and student housing projects across he country, and was part of the award-winning Side Hustle House team. Ben writes regularly for the Common Edge Collaborative.

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