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Art @ HOME

October 23, 2018



There are over 100 Million places to live in America – safe to say that Every One of Them has been touched by those who live there. Many rent, some own, others live with in another’s home, but all of us want to express who we are where we live.

That’s where art comes in. We create, we buy, we find, we make or remake the spaces we live in. This is not about architecture and the envelopes that surround us, it is about creating a place for ourselves by extending our loves into our places. I call it art. Others do too…

First we welcome Helen Kauder who is the Executive Director of Artspace and co-founder of the City-Wide Open Studios festival whose Alternative Space at Yale’s West Campus, which straddles West Haven and Orange This Weekend. Before returning to Artspace in 2010, she served as Deputy Director of the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. She has been recognized for her long service to the art sector through Connecticut’s Office of the Arts Elizabeth Mahaffey award, and an Elm-Ivy award, Yale’s highest honor for town-gown bridge building. She holds an MBA in Accounting/Finance from U Chicago and an SB in Economics from MIT.

We then welcome Elizabeth Holt, the Historic Preservation Specialist for the New Haven Preservation Trust. New to New Haven, Elizabeth was born and raised in Nashville, moving here from Brooklyn by way of New London in 2015, where she went to Pratt. She interned at the non-profit Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation.

Lastly we welcome Stewart Johnson who helps run Hull’s Art Supply in New Haven. Stewart has been on the frontline of interfacing between art and occupants of homes, in a place that frames, sells and helps humans create art, providing “Tools for the Imagination” for those who are not college students and professional artists; it is now a resource for creative minds of all ages and abilities.

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