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October 31, 2018

Of course my email died for 20 hours this week. You would think that would be a gift: it was just another rediculous annoyance in the swamp of pissoff that is this season…did I mention Halloween is a tiresome whine of narcissism as well?

And when the wandering email returned, the gaggle of unanswered emails, important to me, were silent. I do not matter enough to have a “Will get back to you” or “GREAT!” As I do a dozen times a day. It is depressing.

As is the 237th stick frame over podium building box I see pop-up in expensive or cheap or any site.

Turning on anything: phone, TV, IPad, Computer, ANYTHING I see smarmy, indignant, angry, grave, defensive, petulant, snarking, trolling, avowing dramaturgy of the cheapest kind. Politics. Saving the world by ending or Kinging the bouncing Orange hair swoop. Please make Tuesday come.

I will then see a shallow, obvious, ignorant article or building or tweet or post…Many times a day…

I get an editor’s mark up, a client,s litany, I lose a re-election, I am behind on some things to do other things, I know some folk effectively loathe me, and sometimes I do, too, My legs hurt, my eyes are crusty, my bald spot grows, and I am just older, ever older, everyday.

I know, I know. I am not sick. I am loved. I do things.

Shut up.

Let me check my email again….








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