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November 19, 2018



Thanksgiving, like July 4th, is an American Event (the Canadians already had theirs). It is also, somehow, spiritual without being overtly religious. Christmas and Easter may not be on the actual dates of Christ’s birth and death, and they have been fully grotesqued and revel in the down and dirty, but they are religious holidays. But Thanksgiving is both spiritual and national. And Domestic.

We all celebrate these days. And almost all of us celebrate at home, created or owned. Whether it’s creating a place of 20 people to eat, or pulling furniture around a TV to watch the Thanksgiving Football. Our kitchens become battlefields.  Cars fill driveways. Often people we hate are in our lives for a few hours.

Or we are alone.

Thanksgiving is a spiritual time where we connect with others and we connect to ourselves: and so where we are helps or hurts that connection.  Today we talk to 4 people who are doing Thanksgiving NOW, “Live on Tape”. Each of them has stories to tell: some of their day right now, others of what Thanksgiving has become.

Gail Lynch is British, aged 74 and came to US in 1969. Gail’s first thanksgiving was with American friends. She is now an American citizen and was married to an American in 1977. Gail has been the full-on Thanksgiving host and has cooked for a full house for over 40 years

William Hosley is a cultural resource consultant, social media expert, historian, writer, and photographer He was Director of the New Haven Museum and Connecticut Landmarks, a curator and exhibition developer at Wadsworth Atheneum, and organized major exhibitions. Bill knows where the history of our Thanksgivings, and his thoughts are needed in the chaos of the day.

Stephanie Lesnik is owner and farmer of Field House Farm in Madison. Mom of four and registered nurse, her devotion to growing food and sharing it is only matched for her full on hospitality: and the evolution of both the venue and menu is a great story.

Kate Bean is married to Mark with 4 children and 3 grandchildren in a blended family, that is extended to OVER 30 at Thanksgiving!. Kate is a clinical pharmacy pain management specialist practicing at Marcy Hospital in Springfield, Massachusetts, and conspires an event that is as delicious as the guest list!

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