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Advent Not

December 8, 2018

Christians and their secular simulators are in a frenzy. It is Advent. As in “almost happening!”. The “it” is the birthday of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ,

The simulators are not down with that. The Christ part of Christmas is kinda iffy for more and more of us, And that discomfort, despite my all-in faith in the undeniable reality of God (in fact Jesus) in my life – despite my best efforts – is legitimate. 

There are many totally pissed at the perpetration of religion being pushed  into their lives. They are sick of our society, however secular, co-opting their humanity into a matrix of myth and hypocrisy during this Consumer Fest. The creation of manufactured solemnity and/or joy in the form of ritual loses symbolism for many.

Worst is the “Holiday Season”. But if you are not a Christian, what is the holiday, actually? Ancient non-Christians knew so little that the loss of light was so scary, the fire of life-giving light going out, that when the earth wobbled back to an angle that allowed more light into the Western Hemisphere, humanity made every year start there.

So the idea that more light is good got miniaturized into 4 candles, each adding its light each week, where more human-made light was lit as more natural light waned, the Christian world made it into a greater symbolic hope of waiting for the birth of Jesus. The entire part of the Bible that recounted the person that had no human father being born of his human mother was woven into a whole month of ritual and symbol, dominating Christianity for an entire internally buttressing construction of directed anticipation.

Children love the legitimizing of greed, people love the music, the traditions, the breaking of pattern, and just an excuse to show love. All good.

But it’s not His birthday.

It is in the spring. By all accurate research and measure, the date this divinely conceived (in any way you want to interpret it) human came into this world is in three or four months. We, the other humans, control the presentation of His Divinity in a staged carefully crafted manipulation of our common love of light, and depression over its absence, that, to me, trivializes the overwhelming importance of who He was.

So we in the church-going world are mostly in denial. It’s going to be Christmas. We kill a tree, buy stuff and create a four week anticipatory “season”.

In my own life, a fully flawed family made all the flailing efforts at celebrating absurdly sad.

There was no happiness to manifest in any sense. That happiness did not exist for deep and complex reasons over several generations and made the desperate gloss of “The Holidays” weirdly perverse to the sad. My church is having a service that recognizes this misfit in so many lives.

If you are born into want, pain or fear, the fact we “should” be in the ‘Christmas Spirit” only makes things worse.

Manifest in this application of 4 candles, any number of theatric devices, carefully designed images, performed music all are produced to build to a birthday that should be celebrated (even if just in godless historic recognition) but simply did not happen on any day near Dec. 25.

Nothing is as real in my life as the love of God. Maybe that is why the pathetic patronizing of all of our humanity into a prefabricated complex based on the bait and switch of Solstice for Virgin Birth annoys me.

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  1. December 8, 2018 5:19 pm


    But in fourth paragraph, ‘Western’ should be ‘Northern’.

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