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March 27, 2019


Homes are a mirror. So where we live changes. We paint a room, we take down or build a wall. We put in a kitchen or bath, or add a room, finish an attic.

But it can be more. Whole locations change. Whole approaches to life change. Life cycles make house cycles. Couples make a new place together. Families have children and need new space. Relationships end, and a new place must be found. Our children leave, we leave the Family Home for the After Kids Home – downsizing/deaccessioning, change. When a partner dies, the remaining spouse must confront life alone.

Talking to HOME PAGE today are 3 women in the new realities of home. Chion Wolf is heard everyday on WNPR, but has just created a new life with her partner Emily Petersen. Cori SaNoriega just moved into her new home, a Full Family Home, with 3 young daughters and her husband Adam Farstrup. Meg Botteon, an editor at Oxford Press has left a house in New Jersey for an apartment in New Haven to be with Richard Mammana in a place to start a life together.

Home Cycles are House Stories: Come listen to these wonderful stories:

Chion Wolf is the technical producer, announcer, photographer, and personality with WNPR and the Colin McEnroe Show. She produces and hosts The Mouth-Off – a live storytelling event ,”Asking for a Friend”, and a weekly Facebook live show, “It’s Chopped Salad Time!” and produces of Connecticut Voice Podcast,. Chion is also an animator, and on the Board of Directors for Night Fall, Inc., founder of “Pedal to the Medal”, an annual pre-Eversource Hartford Marathon bike ride.

Cori SaNogueira was born and raised in Connecticut but has spent time living in various places all over the globe including Kobe, Japan, London and Jerusalem. After attending Muhlenberg College she went on to work in various non-profit educational settings before getting her Master’s Degree in Elementary School Education. She currently lives in Old Greenwich, CT with her husband Adam Farstrup and three children. Cori is past chair of PJ Library in Greenwich and currently serves on the boards of both Carmel Academy and UJA-JCC Women’s Philanthropy.

Meg Botteon is a college textbook editor, and works in New York city and has embarked, this year, on a new life in New Haven, commuting to New York.

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