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April 24, 2019


Humans live everywhere: on a piece of dirt with a house, in a tower, with our parents, in a shared apartment, any number of places, but almost all of us have a plant, a flower box, a garden, even a site. There are 3 basic things that grow:

1) The store-bought, developed/engineered plants we nurture and create from seeds, seedlings, little plants, they are our pets, including our lawns, vegetable gardens/containers, full on gardens, either perennials or annuals, we control them. We future them, and mostly they live.

2) There are other plant (from nature, from friends, from stores) that are native, not bred into perfection. They explode into the landscape, or just die. Perhaps invasive or natural, things like pachysandra, ivy, ferns, lillie’s, wild oats, Aguga are there already or launched by us, and we let them take over or find a species that will take over

3) Then there are, well, weeds. The things that grow whether we like them or not. Dandelions, crab grass, poison ivy, They are deemed ‘wrong” we do not control them, they control us. We want them gone, or do we? We use chemicals, a shovel, our hands to remove these offending criminals. Why?

Today, we have 2 incredible resources of defining what we value and what to do about it when it comes to our gardens, flower boxes, yards, potted plants, inside or out:

Stacey Pope is the lawn and garden specialist who works at Van Wilgen’s Garden Center in North Branford CT. Van Wilgen’s is a plant nursery & store. She is the point person for thousands of civilian amateurs, who are confronting their grades Right Now – for the first time in 6 months.

Nancy DuBrule-Clemente is a passionate garden creator and advocate who created Natureworks  Natureworks – Garden Center in Branford. Natureworks, a very special retail garden center in Southern Connecticut . (On an acre of land) Nancy has been focusing on organic gardening since Natureworks began in 1983. Education is her primary focus. She has dedicated her life to the challenge of being fully organic and sharing this passion with her customers

Join us as we explore how our where we live is affected by what else lives there, our plants and our homes

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