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“We’re The Government. We Are Here To Help.”

April 28, 2019


Everyone I know is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Before everyone screams “FALSE EQUIVALENCY!”,  there is even less perspective than any real equivalency,  so attempts at defining ending at EVIL are simply self serving. No matter who is being served.

In the Strange Olympics our current president wins the Gold. Or more accurately, the polished brass. “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?!?” follows the “FALSE EQUIVALENCY!” Scream. After two weeks since The Report came out, over two years since the election, three years since this odyssey began, the loudness of outrage and screaming devotion has been ever more deafening.

It is so loud that most have tuned out. Most cringe at the next election. Most care more about the weather than what Fox News or MSNBC have to say. At their peak, less than 10 million viewers see what these ragers rage about – out of 150 million possible voters.

Then why does this piece exist? (As if it matters.)

Because the past presidents, perhaps all of them since Ike, say things that devalued every President since – simply because they, like us, are one of us, despite our common desire for a Superior Being. We tried genetic qualifications when we had Kings and Queens, and we did not like that.

Perhaps our most valued president caused a war, a necessary war, that killed 500,000 of us. There is no “shining city on a hill” there is us. Just us. And we say, think, do things that are wrong. Every day. I know I do.

All of these folk did too:

”Viet Nam is a policing action.”

”I shall not seek, nor will I accept, the nomination for president.”

”Your President is not a crook.”

”WIN! Whip Inflation Now!”

”I have sinned in my heart.”

“No New Taxes!”

”I did not have sex with that woman,”

”Weapons of mass destruction.”

”If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”


”Make America Great Again” fits.

I know “FALSE EQUIVALANCY!” – no, they were all, like it or not, all presidents. We, all of us, by the way we decided to do things, elected them. It does not mean support, it does mean that there is a Constitution we can use (we did last fall) and we can change it, if enough of us do not like it.

(if you know that Reagan was not quoted, you have made my point: he simply doubled the federal budget, when he ran to shrink it, twice – but you remember the other sound bites)

I pray that an alternative is more of the best of us, and less of the worst in each of us.  I do not care about party, not even that much about specific policies. But I do care about buying things in exchange for power, when the money is not owned by the buyer. I care about saying your chromosomes qualify you for anything other than your humanity. I care that sound bites are what we remember, because that is what makes for ratings, even in the “likes”  “shares” and “friends” of the trolls and flamers that go beyond the Nielsen Ratings.

My prayers are not to any god, I am guessing human things are in our hands, not a higher reality, but here, just here. I pray to the screamers.

Please quiet down. No one’s view will be changed by your screaming. even if they can hear you, they are simply tuned out to any screaming. And it outrages those whose outrage outrages you.

So your screaming only makes what you hate stronger.

Just listen. When your leader  (and he is, whether you follow him or not is up to you) says “I love the truth. Whenever I can tell it, I do.” it is also true of many more than just the Orange One, so the screaming will often be about “alternate truths” no matter who is being screamed about.

Of course, this is easy for me to say: in Connecticut one of about 20 alternatives to Agent Orange will win the election, no matter who is nominated. So the screaming meanders zero here, or in about anther 35 states.



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