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May 19, 2019



Homes are almost always anybody’s largest cost, and investment if you own a home. Like food and clothing, all of us live somewhere, so there is a full blown industry of real estate agents, apartment owners, developers, architects, decorators, kitchen, bath and furniture providers. Any retail world uses branding and marketing to sell their product.

Like automobiles or fashion or cuisine the “style” of where we live is a central way we determine how we live and what we value. The “Style Wars” architects and designers seem obsessed by follow in the wake of huge distinctions in how each of us views aesthetics. It is too easy to split the home world into “contemporary” or “traditional”, but those are the very marketing breaks housing consumers are confronted with.

What is “Style” anyway? Do we revel in history – whether it is the Colonial realities of reproductions, antique homes, or Mid Century Modern retro living? Do we value the “New” as a customized fit to what we what around us? Do we want safety in a marketable “Type” of home? Do we even care beyond our favorite color?

Where does the “Style” of what home we create for ourselves fit in lives that are trending to the urban and ebbing away from a suburban idyll? Three remarkable guests from 3 very different perspectives take on the issue of HOME STYLE: WHY?

Steve Mouzon is an architect, urbanist, author, and photographer from Miami. He founded the New Urban Guild, which helped foster the Katrina Cottages initiative. The Guild hosts Project:SmartDwelling. The Guild’s non-profit affiliate is the Guild Foundation; it hosts the Original Green initiative.

Lee Calisti is an architect from Pittsburg – lee CALISTI architecture+design). Lee was an adjunct associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture for a decade, and has been active in the American Institute of Architects. He has served on the City of Greensburg, Pennsylvania’s Historic and Architectural Review Board (HARB) since 2007. His blog, THINK I ARCHITECT explores a myriad of issues in design and our culture.

Arnold Karp created Karp Associates in Fairfield County, and has worked in development and construction for over 30 years. He has won awards for his projects from the AIA and is a member of both the National Association of Homebuilders and the National Association of Remodelers. Arnold lives in New Canaan, and has

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  1. Eileen Banisch permalink
    May 19, 2019 12:17 pm

    I think i went to high school with Arnold 

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