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HOME as Frozen Music

July 11, 2019


The philosopher Goethe said “Architecture is frozen music.” And architecture is everywhere around us. We are surrounded by music. But we are all, all of us, harbored by our homes: it does not matter what type or style or size, every human has a place they call home.

And every human has a sense of the music they like. All animals breath, eat, sleep, and engage in bathroom duty, but only humans have a pride of home and music that they are part of. Every day.

Today, Home Page Radio makes the connection between Home and Music.

A remarkable hour that mixes music composed, made and recorded for the program in a home, music made almost 100 years ago based on The Golden Mean, music made in full Pop Shallowness describing what an architect is and several Anthems of Architectural Allusion.

Three long time radio humans, and WPKN inhabitants, and home owner-occupiers: Istvan B’Racz, Rod Richardson, and yes, Duo Dickinson apply another uniquely human reality, memory, to their lives living at home. Creating, fixing, inhabiting. Being At Home. With Music.

It’s an hour of Home as Frozen Music at HOME PAGE Radio.

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