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August 3, 2019

It is a different time.

Humans are all doing the same things: careers, families, eating, sleeping: but in less than a generation nothing is being done in the First World as it was done in the last century.

Our cars are bizarrely animistic, intelligent and getting smarter. Our food is ever more engineered, more efficiently transported – Or: in reaction, it is as artisanal as a painting. Our clothes, our objects are bought untouched, unseen but for the screen. We sleep, but we numb to those screens, all the time, not being dormant for the night hours.

Some make buildings.

And those who are old enough see an updated, but yet still handhewn art of construction, being figured out with the same surreal indirectness as our cars, our clothing, as or sleep, are simply going along to get along.

The rethinking is down by the machines, to the point that the phrase “xeroxing” can come to mean building without human hands.

We, everyone, knows something is up. Our new best friends, our phones, told us so. Many used telephones to make phone calls a decade ago. But as the economy crashed into a spasm that helped create the oddest presidency and president in history, those phones lost buttons and have images projecting out of them that are infinite in variety, usefulness, and intuitive compatability with our fingers and eyes and minds – if we are young enough.

This new age is in the sheep’s clothing of familiar sights, sounds, tastes, even touches. But the nature of our time is recorded by those phones i to 8 and 12 hour periods in a day when we are not eating, sleeping, loving, showering – we are on those screens, as I am now.

We are tapping on the garments of a naked emperor.

This is not an aesthetic debate, of style or perspective, but this “event”, unconspired, continuously evolving, somehow fully inscrutable, is vectoring to a place where many, if not most, of the givens of just 20 years ago will change humans from using tools, to become the tools of our tools.

We are redefining everything without having a new definition except we know that the definitions we had are simply not on our phones.

In architecture this is a wrending dislocation between generations, educations and, I think, how humans conceive and achieve beauty.

It is neither “bad or “good”, “traditional” or “modern” – we are in the beginnings of changing the way we make, and define everything. I am an architect who writes. So I will write about architecture, and architects in this Section of a blog foisted upon me by a then paper newspaper, that may well be paperless in a year or two, than, maybe disappear, or reappear, or..

this is new, forgive me.

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