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August 5, 2019

My father had the artery that splits to go down each leg break in 1972. He was 61.

I had an artery break going up into the place in my brain that controls balance in 2017. I was 61.

He needed surgery, smoked about 30 Kent’s a day, and was drunk by 7:30 every day I knew him until about 6 months before he died.

To recover, I needed nothing. I was perhaps, as always, 30lbs overweight, so I had worked out for at least an hour, now an hour and a half, everyday, so the break had enough blood pressure in and suction out of the two open ends of the broken artery that enough oxygen prevented significant damage to any cells. (Or at least a Yale Neurological doctor said so).

But, according to a host of other doctors I had a “genetic flaw in the interior middle layer of the 3 layer artery, that genetic insufficiency is in no other place we can find” (after $100,000 of testing).

I think we two are linked by our inherited arteries.

I have no proof other than the anecdotes we are left with. My anecdotes are not his. I have never smoked anything, ever, nor have I been drunk on a daily basis sine 1976. I went to Cornell because it was the best architecture school anywhere, he went because he could break out of a family that had never had a High School graduate. He loved Cornell. I moved heaven and earth to get a degree and leave.

We are all unaware of things we are fully lost in – things like the consequences of our choices until they happen. We have no control of the huge things of planet, culture even our provenance, to start with anyway. There are infinite reasons to be alone.

But we are also connected in tiny, unseen things we simply cannot control either. Perpetually, without knowledge. Like the interior lining of our arteries.

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