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Which Is It?

October 14, 2019

Is today Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day?

Schools are closed. The banks are closed. No mail. My wife and I go to work.

Do we celebrate millions who immigrated here from Italy over a century ago or relegate a racist invader into disdain?

Which is it?

Today hundreds of people will die from smoking tobacco, legally, freely, taxed to make money for our common government.

Today more and more states will soon legalize sucking more smoke into their lungs, deeply, get tax money, and wait to see if marijuana kills us.

Today, little steam-making machines that people use to suck flavored steam into their lungs will be slowly illegalized, before we know it kills us, or we make any money off it.

Freedom to kill ourselves or protection from it?

Which is it?

In New England, perhaps half of us will never set foot in a church again. God is either a joke, a lie, or simply unknowable, so we go to Starbucks.

In the world almost everyone is reviled, saddened maybe even dispirited by watching Notre Dame Cathedral burn (a building humans built and will rebuild).

Is anything sacred, literally? Or is the loss of devotion tragic?

Which is it?

40% of us here love the incorrect anger, thuggish swagger and ego projection of our President.

45% of us here loath the incorrect anger, thuggish swagger and ego projection of our President.

Which is it?

Are we an accident of infinite time and mechanical permutation or are we a Divine Spark of Miraculous Existence?

Which is it?

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  1. October 14, 2019 9:16 am

    I pick whatever is behind
    door #2

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