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November 3, 2019

Each of us is a singularity.

Each of us is part of something larger

In doing anything those worlds collide.

Every thing we see or do or think about, large and small, is experienced up close and personal. Every one of those things is beheld in context, in the lens of everything we have done.

There is no metaphor here, or symbol – not even football memes. It is just reality.

But we cope with this spectral plane by what one President called “compartmentalization”.

But there are moments.

There are moments when all the planes in our spectrum coalesce.

All our experience, and our sense of the instant, all our contexts compress to one moment.

A birth. A death. A choice. An injury. A triumph. A diagnosis. A judgment. A word. A place. An act.

Not the mechanisms we all do to live. Not the execution of what we know. The moment that grabs your mind, heart, memory, perception goes beyond you, and everything you know happens.

We have all had them. They connect desire, facility, intellect and all that has happened and what you expect. For good and not good.

These moments happen without planning, but based on your life lived before they happen. They define questions perhaps never asked.

If “compartmentalized” these moments end. If their full-spectrum meaning coalesces into how you see the rest of your life, and how you see how you have lived – they change things.

They connect.

And they shift you.

I think a few moments that I saw yesterday in “just a game” may have been them.

But I cannot know. A son remembers one of those moments in “just a game” when he made one instant error. 6 years ago. And it meant something. It still means something. Often every day, There was no injury. His team won the game. The son went on to become what he could become in that one place.

But it changed how he saw himself. He heard more, did more, changed. Because he did not “compartmentalize” .

These moments become then, now and future. They connect you beyond yourself. I think they connect you to God, because they have nothing to do with survival, they have simply manifest you, become part of the miracle of your life.

They manifest our inability to control, because if we could control them, we would never have a “bad” moment and we would construct an infinite number of “good” moments.

We can try to simulate these moments with sex, drugs, violence, Canon, politics, religion. But they inevitably fail, because simulation is not reality. Creating ourselves simply cannot happen.

God does that.

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