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November 24, 2019



A LIVE, real-time podcast, intended to accompany feasting and preparation for feasting on our one fully secular, non-football-reflated national holiday: Thanksgiving. The reality is that these celebrations usually happen in a home, and share domestic life with friends, relatives and strangers. But that is not the full story.

Before there was today”s Thanksgiving, there was a very different time. Before the mass-marketing hype, NFL games, Butterball Turkeys and Ocean Spray Cranberry Jelly – not to mention mini-marshmallows roasted over squash.

How did we celebrate, 100 years ago? Two hundred years ago? How did Native American Culture feast and celebrate before they were invaded? What happened after 1620? How did humans use their homes to celebrate Thanksgiving in each of those eras? Home Page has two thoughtful historians of America and Pre-America Live On-Air to talk to us about how we have done Thanksgiving through the centuries:

William Hosley is a cultural resource development and marketing consultant, social media expert, historian, writer, and photographer. He is passionate about local history and historic preservation and has developed a deep attachment to dozens of places worth caring about. He was formerly Director of the New Haven Museum and Connecticut Landmarks, where he cared for a chain of historic attractions. Prior to that, as a curator and exhibition developer at Wadsworth Atheneum. Bill has studied, lectured and advised museums and heritage destinations around the country. Bill has also served as a content specialist for PBS, BBC, and CPTV film documentaries.

Dr. Donal Rankin is Yale-trained surgeon and Emergency Medicine Physician who retired a few years back from Bridgeport Hospital.  His interests now focus on Indian American culture and tradition and archaeology for the Friends of the Office of State Archaeology (FOSA).  Dr. Rankin has participated in numerous digs and at present deliver the Connecticut Archaeology Road Show with Gary Nolf, one of the founders of FOSA. He has given talks on the Universe, local history, slavery, and the abolitionist movement,  I am a member of St. Andrews Episcopal Church and  Madison Post 79 of the American Legion.

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