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December 1, 2019

Recent Work

Progress in Greenwich


 The outdoor chapel at Incarnation Camp in Ivoryton, CT

Click here to read about the project.



CEPHAS Housing 25 Years Ago in Yonkers NY

Click here to read about the project.



In Mockingbird: Shaping the Future

In Mockingbird: “Ad Astra” and Dad

In New Haven Register: Cesar Pelli, New Haven, and 20th Century architecture

In New Haven Register: New Haven’s Temple Street Garage to Brighten Up In a Big Way

In CT Insider: Connecticut’s Architectural Legacy Continues

In Common Edge: The Invented Reality of Suburbia Is Not the Norm

In CT Insider: When Connecticut became Modern, at least in its architecture

In Common Edge: Are We Air Conditioning Our Planet to Death?

In Hartford Current: At their new home in Asylum Hill: Chion Wolf and Emily Petersen have ‘married Hartford’

In Mockingbird: Out of Luck

In Mockingbird: I am Only as Happy as My Childhood Allows Me to Be

In CT Insider: Architecture Is Forced To ReBrand

In New Haven Register: When The Heroes of the Last Century Pass

In CT Insider: Is Beauty a Dirty Word?

In New Haven Register: Happy to be part of this piece

In CT Insider: WALKABLE: What does it mean?

In New Haven Register: New Haven approves plan that will help house homeless young adults

In CT Insider: Home architecture: ‘Traditional’ and ‘Modern’

In CT Insider: In a time of climate change, CT homeowners embrace the old-fashioned screen porch

In Mockingbird: When Football is Over, It Begins

In Common Edge: The Two Most Dangerous Words In Architecture: Style and Beauty

In Common Edge: In Architecture, Silence is Anything But Golden

In Mockingbird: For the Love of Money: The Metronome to Human Life

In Mockingbird: Is Nothing Sacred?

In Common Edge: Hudson Yards and Notre-Dame: A One Two Punch of Megalomania

In Common Edge: Notre Dame: An Architect’s Notes on Building, Belief and the Power of Architecture

In Mockingbird: Rebuilding What We Never Made: Notre Dame

In Mockingbird: REPENT!

In Mockingbird: The Death of Control

In Common Edge: Is the Culture of Architecture Becoming More Profane?

In The New Haven Register: Gehry Turns 90 and New Haven Rediscovers His Presence

In Common Edge: Style Wars Are Increasingly Irrelevant As Things Change

In Common Edge: Confusion of the Vanities: Why Architectural Style Wars Are Becoming Irrelevant

In Mockingbird: I Am Not Karl Lagerfeld

In Common Edge: Why “Zaha Hadid Activewear” Feels Off-Brand

In Mockingbird: We Are Suddenly Surrounded By Dead Trees

In Common Edge: Why Do Architects Remain Obsessed with Flat Roof?

In The New Haven Register: The Yale Armory is No More

In The New Haven Register: The ‘Story of Church Street South’ in a Yale exhibit

In Covenant: The Next Church

In Mockingbird: Aaron Rodgers Failing at Family

In Common Edge: When Buildings Are Shaped More By Code Than Architects

In Mockingbird: The Canon That Crushed Richard Meier

In Common Edge: The Kids are Alright: How the Great Recession Shaped This Generation’s Entry into Architecture

In Mockingbird: A Message From Jesus

In Common Edge: Life, Death and the End of the 20th Century Architecture



On WTNH News:  Madison Architect Sheds Light on Solar Solution for Homeowners

On Common Ground with Annette Ross:  She asked “Where is Architecture?”, I answered

On HGTV:  Mercedes Home Diaries       Password: mercedes


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  1. Cori SaNogueira permalink
    September 6, 2014 11:14 pm

    Beautiful. The chapel is awesome!

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