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HOME at the Ornamental Season

December 19, 2019



We are in the Very Middle Of Our Annual Time of Ornament (the Holidays. We will soon be facing A Time of Not Ornament (the rest of the year). This is Not about religion, this is about or most human of realities. We have exhausted money, time, effort to make our homes, and all of our environments Celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of the next.

Why do we spend our lives in this endless cycling of making celebratory beauty, and then remove it in extreme drudgery, depression and time “cleaning up” and ending the ornament we have spent so many years, dollars and hours creating…

HOME PAGE tries to take a measure of why this season makes us so completely devoted to ornament – in our homes, our places of work, even on our cars. Why do these rituals of decoration consume so many, and virtually distract everyone else? If they are so important, why we remove them? More importantly why is ornament an afterthought in our daily lives, especially in our homes.

Given that it will be Boxing Day, it is fitting that we will have a British representative in America, Gail Lynch, to tell us about what she has done, her 40 years in America, during this time of Christmas, Hannukah, Solstice, Advent and New Year can recount how the two cultures of England and America address this time. Her extended family has blossomed to mean gatherings at year’s end: and all the concomitant preparations and then recoveries after it ends.

Home page then welcomes Kent Bloomer back to the program. Kent Bloomer has been a presence at the Yale School of architecture for those 40 years and more, and has written books and spent a life time designing and making huge and small elements and buildings that embody the celebration of these weeks. His perspective is invaluable in a time that often has no perspective beyond surviving the chaos and change we impose upon ourselves.

Join us!

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