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December 21, 2019

We have less light, today, than we will have for the next 364 days.

We know this because after a few thousand years in the life of a system so vast and distant that we think we can “calculate” age, future, cause, meaning. We can. Really. Who will disagree? Just like ants describing the dead elephant they are consuming.

Losing 20% of our time in the sun at this latitude, then having it return, only to lose it again, begs the reason we care about anything. Our efforts are allowed by the energy of this huge thing so far away, which is one of an incalculable number akin to it spread so vastly away and around us we call it “the sky”.

We focus on the dead elephant before us, screaming opportunity, fear, hope and mystery, and can only escape when the darkness – and exhaustion – prevent more. We create to make something in a place that was completely made before anyone knew anything about anything. It the darkening Times, the making frenzy of things, events, stories, even emotions, distracts us from our complete lack of control.

Over anything.

We can express, distract, think, make – we can save lives, places, ideas – we can fight to project, protect, even celebrate – but the gravity that holds us, the air that allows us to say and hear and live, and the light that lets us see, anything – is completely inscrutable in its origins, and only evident in its change.

Some of us follow the Prime Mission of making more of us. Others follow the mission of pleasure. Others simply distract themselves in things only those distracted find meaningful.

Because we have no idea of the “Why” of any of this.

But the gauntlet of flowing light, of a tilted rotation that rotates around a central fixed source does cause one thing besides light. In all those desperate needs at meaning, expression, joy, and terror, there is something as hard and powerful as the gravity we stand on, the air we breath, the light that is given and is taken away: We Love.

That also means we Hate. But Love is less necessary than food, completely uncontrollable, and is completely confused in sex, fear and hope. But Love, the reason we do anything that does not extend life, is, somehow, the common insanity of humanity. Love is, whether we admit it or not, actually more important to us than food, joy, fear, sleep, even light.

Love lives without reason, focus or understanding – like the sun. It is the undeniable singularity at the center of our rotating, orbiting, moving and centered lives. Love is undeniable, and so pervasive that its absence is crushing. So we scream politics. We avow religion. We judge. We give. We sacrifice. We hoard.

We care.

We love to the point beyond the necessary, because the necessary is not enough. We could hunt, gather, sex, eat, sleep, even think. But the unnecessary reality of Love is completely unnecessary and central. We have no choice. We have been given this.

What to do with it?

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