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Who Cares If Isaac Newton Was A Virgin?

January 9, 2020

“It Sure Looks Like The Ukrainian Airliner Was Shot Down” bellows New York Magazine. Video shows that it is descending after launch 3 minutes earlier from Tehran, 10,000 feet high in flight.

Three hours after Iran launched missiles because the US killed someone because Iran killed someone because the US gave them 150 Billion Dollars because we did not want them to get nuclear weapons because Israel has nuclear weapons because, because because….

And another floating factoid Magic Eight Ball’ed up onto a screen that “Sir Isaac Newton Died A Virgin”. What? When? Well, 4 years ago a historian found this quote .In 1733, Voltaire publicly stated that Newton “had neither passion nor weakness; he never went near any woman”.

And we know this how?

Facts become irrelevant when we want to feel good about ourselves.

We were not on that plane.

We will not die a Virgin.

We do not know Voltaire.

The more antique survival makes me, the more I do not know. Not that knowledge is growing and I am just not keeping up. Rather I see more and more factoids used to get more and more clicks and Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide.

Really, who cares beyond caring that our ignorance is validated by the flaws of others?

Black and white television tells us in sitcoms that rumors were rampant when the world was verbal. A random conclusion, invention, act becomes a huge indictment, fear, solace.

I am not Isaac Newton. I did not die on that plane. But I do not need anyone saying anything to me to know that there is something desperately wrong out there. And I am in here. Away. Alone. Looking at a screen. Feeling better about myself because I know that out there, back there, there were very bad things that I am not a part of.

Any now a million melodramas gain volume as a President is elected when we have a president who lives completely in the world that knows Sir Isaac Newton was a Virgin.

In one snap of a new century, in 20 years, the rest of our children’s’ lives, and their children’s’, live will see the world differently, but not know that it is different,

Just like TV was normal for all of my friends, it was a miracle for my parents. As were rotary phones for their parents.

We are flailing down a raging river, too low to see the rapids, falls or sink hole ahead.

But we know that Sir Isaac Newton was a Virgin at death.

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