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Hearth=Kitchen: HOME

January 19, 2020



This week Home Page Radio Takes On THE KITCHEN.

After World War 2, June Cleaver got a perm, did her makeup, put on an apron, and you did not see her until dinner. We made homes that isolated the cook to a room behind walls, with stacked boxes of cabinets and appliances. no place to sit unless it was the table we ate every day and the those who did not cook socialized in another place.

But 200 Years ago, every home that was not made for those who had staff centered around the hearth, and the hearth was the kitchen. In the Little Ice Age of that time, things were colder, there was less freshly harvested food, so more time was spent by everyone around the fire and in the kitchen. Together.

Something happened about 150 years ago: The way we heated and the way we cooked became separate things. We had central plumbing. We began to have separate rooms to cook all year round: not just a “Summer Kitchen” for when the heat of baking/roasting/stewing was unwelcome (unlike the winter).

Now the universe of home living has come full circle: for two generations the Kitchen has come back home. We are now all around the hearth again, its just that the hearth is now the most expensive, the most used and the most social place in most homes.

So home page talks to those who Really know kitchens in 2020, from several different places. Christine F. Ingraham, co-created Fletcher Cameron Design, received her degrees from Cranbrook Academy of Art and Yale University, and has dedicated much of her time designing custom kitchens for over 25 years. Denise Appel – the Chef of Zinc Restaurant in New Haven: and a homeowner who (tries) to cook (and paint) at home. How is that working out? We also talk to Eva Geertz, who helps run The Institute Library, and her family, and is an extraordinary Cook-In-Charge who not only makes, but remakes the foods she creates. This will be an hour of finding out why this place is the The Place, so near and dear to most homes.

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