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March 21, 2020



The world is either sick or in terror of being sick: and everyone lives somewhere. We all have heard of “Sick House Syndrome” where poor ventilation allowed for mold and carbon monoxide and Radon to threaten us in what should be our safest place: our home. But now the world is our “Sick House.”

Where are we? Is “Sick” only a physical danger, or can a healthy be home more than protection from Covid19? Two architects join HOME PAGE who have spent lifetimes examining what is “sick” and what is “healthy” in the place that should be our place of greatest safety – where we live.

Whether it is in our homes or on our streets, humans experience what we make. Today we are all compelled to listen to our health in a time of threatened well-being – but what impacts us every day, impacting how we feel in the world we make for ourselves? Please join us as we traverse 4 states in 5 location to bring you HOME PAGE to think beyond this time of sequester and social isolation.

Ann Sussman, registered architect, writes and teaches about health in architecture, including her book, with Justin Hollander, “Cognitive Architecture” and has lectured all over the world on how architecture impacts human perception, and how human perception impacts health, Ann teaches at the Boston Architecture Center, and frequently contributes to the Common Edge Collaborative.

Steve Mouzon opened his own architecture firm in 1991 and produces a number of town-building tools and services. Mouzon Design’s Premium Tools Collection is a subscription service to robust new place-making tools that heretofore were unaffordable when commissioned by a single development. A Living Tradition is a framework for a new type of pattern book that is principle-based instead of taste-based and therefore contributes to the creation of new living traditions.

Michael Mehaffy is an author, educator, researcher, designer, and consultant with an international practice. He is currently Senior Researcher with the Axson Johnson Foundation and the Centre for the Future of Places at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Executive Director of the Sustasis Foundation and Sustasis Press. He has helped create urban communities that manifest the healthy realities of a walkable world.

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  1. March 27, 2020 9:16 am

    As the go-to distractions are being played out quickly for many, the ‘home’ and it’s role as a bastion of well being and sanity has never been so counted upon in the modern context. This is a time of vulnerability; a forced, carapace free, molting. What are our houses saying to us? Do they say “we got this.”? Do they say, “push comes to shove, we can push thru whatever the Summer or Winter throws at us.”? Or do they say nothing at all; are we only comforted by the sounds of stasis and the static of economized nothingness?

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