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Are You in a Foxhole or a Grave?

March 24, 2020

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Attitude Is Everything.


Paradise is of the option.

Whosoever will

Own in Eden notwithstanding

Adam and Repeal

Emily Dickinson


Bartering everything is the human condition. “If I confess, I will be saved.” Or “At least I washed my hands.” As if there was a transaction. Who are we bartering with? Justice? Karma? God?

We buy things every day. We quid to pro quo. This for that. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. But, often, there is no deal to be had, because there is no dealer.

It inevitably comes down to you and all the impossible imponderables of how we are here and what is it all leading to. Especially when questions are called. 2,000 years ago the question was called, and someone was killed. Someone who was different enough from many of us to change us.

But he was like us enough that we killed him. And now we think about that. Now especially because the known end is evident to everyone, everywhere. Bartering is in extremis.

If you have had to deal with children you know that the negotiations are ceaseless: “If I have two servings of broccoli tomorrow can I have two desserts today?”

We know we are not the ones who make judgments, so we hope something or someone is, and try to wheedle a deal. But there is no deal.

There is Hope. Doing what you should do is hard to know, but it is, ultimately all anyone can do.

If you fail (and I do, every day) you know the downside of not doing what you should do. The issue is not the doing (although laziness is always an option) – the issue is “should”. We do not control much beyond the bits and pieces of our efforts to offer in any dealing.

Good luck with that.

So we buy 16 cartons of toilet paper, because, well, we should.

Either you are partying in Florida, or, in the end, there are only two attitudes, because we have no choice otherwise. Either we believe in Justice, the human measure of righteousness as defined by what we define. Or we have Faith.

Either way.

There are no atheists in foxholes.

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