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March 25, 2020

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The birds now sing. Loudly.

And humans, too. Both in full recognition of their changing environment.

Spring for one is fear for the other.

One knows only life for as long as it is living. The other is obsessed with mortality – how, when, why, who causes, prevents, extends. Both know that living, here, now, is an overwhelming good.

But for we humans, the variables are extreme and the unknowns are known, so the answers are not answers, but arguments.

When creating a way that life is extended for most, Death is talked of as inevitable for some and so extending it for the fatal is damaging to the healthy. In defining when control of your body is the ending of another we are in complete discord. When so many are affected and so few risk fatality there is a new season of screaming.

We start wars that kill people so that people live.

Some think it is natural that our herd is thinned. Whether unborn or infirm. Others think every single life is absolutely precious and all must be hurt to save any one.

The birds are not part of this.

Lift it — with the Feathers

Not alone we fly —

Launch it — the aquatic

Not the only sea —

Advocate the Azure

To the lower Eyes —

He has obligation

Who has Paradise —

Emily Dickinson

Animals, other than us, end life to extend theirs. They do not know that theirs will end, too. We do. Billions think other Billions are wrong in most every way the understanding of Death is understood.

Some of those billions think beyond Covid19, to 2,000 years ago this month. It was a singularity that extends to the universal. It’s reality is unknowable as fact beyond the fact of belief. Faith is a fact as hard as the birds’ screaming this month, natural and unnecessary. Some of us think understanding that singularity is essential.

Why are birds so beautiful, if everything dies?

The same reason that any life, either so old it that may be gone instantly, or is so young that it does not breathe, elicits our overwhelming devotion to express our insight, because we are alive, too.

But the birds do not care.

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  1. Wren4 permalink
    March 26, 2020 10:20 am

    The northeast is about to spring to life with calls of “see me” “I’m for you!” “Look at THIS nest” “I’m your guy”. The urge to procreate is strong, the desire to ensure survival deep in their DNA.
    Thankful it’s spring, to distract me. 🐣

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