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In The Middle

April 11, 2020

45 of 47

We are between the Freak Out of COVID and it’s becoming Dealt With.

Some are between Good Friday and Easter.

We are between Winter and Summer.

We are between 2,2M deaths predicted and a small percentage realized.

We are between this presidency and the next election.

We are between Birth and Death.

We are between Hell and Heaven.

We are in the Middle.

That may simply be permanent. We are formed to the point of reforming, but we are not exultant in our completion. We are trying, but we are not done. Maybe when the Berlin Wall came down there was a sense of “Done.” Maybe when President Obama was elected, or Gay Marriage became Marriage.

Events Happen, but the humans do not change

When a rabble rouser was offed by a military occupation force, was simply killed like many, many others, for a day or two, things were “Done” – sent to Hell, gone. What is will be.

But no. Something happened.

Something changed. Seen by many. Doubted by many, many more. “Why hast thou forsaken me?” Was on everyone’s mind. Still is. Many, many more came to die simply because they called out that something happened. In the time of killing more, no one benefitted. But something happened.

We humans do not change. But things change.

“Behind Me — dips Eternity —

Before Me — Immortality —

Myself — the Term between —

Death but the Drift of Eastern Gray,

Dissolving into Dawn away,

Before the West begin —

‘Tis Kingdoms — afterward — they say —

In perfect — pauseless Monarchy —

Whose Prince — is Son of None —

Himself — His Dateless Dynasty —

Himself — Himself diversify —

In Duplicate divine —

‘Tis Miracle before Me — then —

‘Tis Miracle behind — between —

A Crescent in the Sea —

With Midnight to the North of Her —

And Midnight to the South of Her —

And Maelstrom — in the Sky —”

Emily Dickinson

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  1. Larry Roadman permalink
    April 11, 2020 9:42 am

    Duo, I will miss this journey through Lent with you …. and with Emily Dickinson. Thank you.

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