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“To die is not to go…”

April 12, 2020

46 of 47

Two Lengths has every Day —

Its absolute extent

And Area superior

By Hope or Horror lent —

Eternity will be

Velocity or Pause

At Fundamental Signals

From Fundamental Laws.

To die is not to go —

On Doom’s consummate Chart

No Territory new is staked —

Remain thou as thou art.”

Emily Dickinson

We awaken. If we do not, we do not know it.

If you know it is Easter, you woke up.

No matter where you are, life is there, because you are there. And because life is wholly, irrefutably miraculous there is no reason to it.

The unending cliches of Spring betray the extreme truth of unrelenting power that is Life. Every reason that we can come up with for death is base irrelevant, because life is the base of being here. There is no reason for being here, because our innumerable, virtually infinite, cells and bits and forces are wildly composed in intricacy beyond any design we can understand.

So understanding Easter, of Life after Death, is terrifying because the laws that define the extreme unknown are revealed as being unknown.

This month we have had our finite knowledge held up and pushed into our lives. We know not much, not enough to create our own life. So we use the life we have here, now, to maintain it.

“No territory new is staked”

But Easter happened. Not the Jeff Hunter version, there were no cameras. Easter happened because it is in us. Not made. Not reasoned, Not Justified. It is just there.

It is the light whose source made all this. And us. We have no idea, or why, or how.

“To die is not to go…”

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  1. SUZANNE FRISCH permalink
    April 12, 2020 11:20 am

    Wishing you a day of peace on this Easter Sunday, Duo. I have enjoyed reading your Lenten essays. I honestly don’t know how you find the time, inspiration and motivation to sit each day and write. But, I am glad you do. Be well, stay safe. Happy Easter! – Suzy

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