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No Control

May 13, 2020

I wish I could control pretty much everything.

I end up controlling almost nothing that matters, health, death, COVID19, my weight.

But yesterday in my office 3 humans were cranking for hours to have a full on ZOOM with a fully noticed and scheduled public hearing – important stuff, scores of people, many judging.

Despite efforts, The model was not remade correctly, but no matter, I will photo it accordingly.

The PowerPoint was not together, and images I saved for it were not where I put them, a person in my office did not save others where I could find them, then the laptop crashed, all changes made over the LAST HOUR were lost with 30 minutes to go…

So I frantically fly my fingers across the keyboard, and get (mostly) all the right images in the right places….with 8 minutes to spare…

I am Golden!

I go to where the link is…IN….nobody there, a Zombie Zoom Space….5 minute of calling, texting emailing…

NOTHING in a ZOOM space where there should be a dozen people….

I go to a second source, click it’s link,


because I control nothing, my screaming freaking, anger, frustration was responded to with a 1 hour and 15 minute presentation by others that was scheduled before mine…

I suck.

(Oh, and thanks, God. Again.)

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