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Maybe The Puritans Have Won

May 18, 2020

More than half of all cruise ship employees remain on their ships, after 10 weeks of cancellation. The cruise lines will not pay for their return home. They have no way to go home from where a ship might leave them. Many have no pay check.

So they are on Pleasure Palaces, that have been shut down.

If they return, they return to a land of no pleasures. No theater. No concerts. No games, No parties. No singing. A Puritan World.

If they go to church (less and less likely) they “return” to ZOOM services, with no singing. And these 50 minute services seem like the Puritans’ 4 hour ritual. No communion. No music. No touching.

We must cover our faces, we cannot hold each other. Illicit sex can cause death, We have no occasions to wear the stylish clothing that Puritans knew were of the devil.

We are valuing safety over freedom. Safety from the dangers of the Plague now has to be more important that the joy of expression. We are forced to confront the reality that much of our lives is unnecessary, but desirable.

Desire can kill you. Maybe the Puritans have won.

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