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May 25, 2020


It is a cliche to say “Everything has changed.” But it is true. The fundamental truth for everyone, whether you work at home or are in an “essential office”, no matter where you are, is that you are encountering your home in a way you have not before.

Is your home a haven? A prison? Your office? Your children’s school? Your Daily Kitchen Show on Instagram? Your pets’ playhouse? Your farm? A place of fear? A place of love? A happily rectified, improved, controlled harbor? Or, is your home degrading, filling with uncontrollable refuse and failures?

When you are in the middle of change, it is a good thing to document it as it is happening. Joining HOMEPAGE are a group of people who are each experiencing this moment of revisiting where they live. Chion Wolf of WNPR, whose show on that station is another mirror for this moment has the breadth of context and personalized view that is needed to gain perspective. We also welcome Vermont State Senator Alison Clarkson, whose home/work cycle has had any number of changes, and has seen what a small rural state can do. Cori SaNogueira has three young daughters in an in-town suburban idyl: how has this time at home changed their lives? Dawn Lorentson is a Clinical Social Worker at the Yale School of Medicine. Joan Arnold has created houses and housing for over 30 years, how does she think this period is changing all her efforts making homes?


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