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“Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All”

June 5, 2020

We are 3 months into a lock down that has exhausted those forced to do nothing. Here in the northeast thousands have died, millions are affected, and almost everyone is simply worn out by our impotence.

A health care professional said to me and others flatly “This will not end until there is a vaccine 4 or 5 years from now.”

Facts, like cowardice, become reality when we are exhausted. “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” said the long dead football coach Vince Lombardi. And we are all pretty exhausted.

Another wonderful human stated without any doubt, “Unless everyone can feel safe in going to church, no one should be allowed to go to church.” That means 5 years? Will there be any church left to attend?

Facts and Faith are a dance. If there was no resurrection it would be hard for me to feel completely powerless in the reality of God. But something happened, without body cams, and billions of data points of human faith in that fact overwhelmed the deadliness of expressing belief in Jesus.

Now that the curve is almost crushed here in New England some want to pretend that danger is gone. But people are still dying of Covid19, just not so many. But some are still completely terrified.

What do you do when a Faith-Based reality has many who have lost faith and replaced it with exhausted fear? I think you embrace facts. Not the ones that you make for your own comfort to play golf or never have communion again, but the ones that doctors and researchers tell us are the truth.

The truth is that it is a more dangerous place now than 3 months ago. The truth is that it will be safe enough in whatever time in whatever place that humans can decide if the benefits of risk are great enough to accept the risks of known outcomes. For some the equation has been established: Covid19 = Death.

This is a fact: .03% will die of those who get the disease, but dead is dead.

But if anything is worth risk it is the reward of connecting through a place, and fellows, to a greater reality than fear. That does not mean stepping in front of a train and asking God to stop it. It does mean wearing a helmet if you ride a bicycle.

Our culture, like our lives, is a construction. It is going through some demolition this year. It will not end, but it will be different. Do we default to our fatigue on the way to a defendable safety? I want to ride my bike again, so I will wear a helmet.

Church is not necessary for Faith, but church without Faith is just a building.

We need to let facts determine our Faith, not fear.

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