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Will This Plague Outlaw Smoking?

June 20, 2020


There may be 200,000 people killed in America by COVID19 this year. Each one was in contact with something or someone that transmitted a disease that infected millions upon millions of us. We tried to outlaw that contact. It had an impact, as there were projections of ten times more of those who ended up being killed by the plague.

I was fully masked, distanced, waiting to buy my Diet Coke at the height of sequestration in March – as I had to travel .5 miles to be alone in my office every day, as I still do. The woman in front of me, in a mask, fully distanced, ordered a pack of cigarettes.

500,000 Americans die of smoking cigarettes every year. 10% of them do not actually smoke, but breath others’ smoke.  Cigarettes are legal. They make money for every level of the the governments that fully shut down our country and created 40,000,000 unemployed.

Who knows if smoking weed is a gateway drug – but it is as unnecessary as tobacco, or handshakes, and may wreck some lives. And it is being legalized. Millions of lives are ruined, some ended, by alcohol. We tried to end that about a century ago. And we could not sustain removing an unnecessary substance from our lives.

We accept all those deaths of all those unnecessary things that we could try to outlaw. But we do not outlaw those we could, and make legal those killers we cannot successfully outlaw. But, this season, we outlawed essential human acts in order to save lives.

It is a strange time.



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  1. Richarf permalink
    June 20, 2020 1:19 pm

    Tax income for both alcohol and tobacco make their removal unlikely. not sure how they’re going to tax covid-19 … oh, I’m sure they’re working on it, might have something to do with the bad government response. Or perhaps the bad government response, is actually another form of class warfare. Too complicated for me to figure out.

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