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June 25, 2020

As I receive my meat, I turn from the butcher and a pair of eyes in front of me, like mine over a mask, squint and an unseen mouth barks, “WRONG WAY”. I do my best imitation possible of Gayle Sayers and pivot my 64 year old body in the Right Direction.

A national TV host says that she and her husband go out in their car to search for those not wearing masks, and then report them to the police, and then trade on that in an interview as evidence of her righteousness,

Someone who has had the virus and has antibodies, will not see anyone – with masks, distancing, all of it – because “They do not know it is not contagious”.

The methods work: where we are, Connecticut, has several of the top 10 cities in the country for minimizing infection. We are a land founded by Puritans, here in New England, and now the New Puritans mean fewer of us get infected, and nationally deaths trend down every day.

There are no answers, yet. No meaning. Yet. Only observations.

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