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The Sweet Smugness of Judgment

July 16, 2020

My home growing up never even had wall AC units, let alone central air conditioning. My mother was barely 100 pounds and sweat like a Teamster, I am more than twice her mass and still effervesce with one son who has Near Beer Levels of Body Fat.

When we built our home, we eschewed air conditioning to the point have having casement windows – so no humming metal boxes hanging off our home, either. And we saved enough money to actually build our home before we were 30. And Global Warming.

No, we did not deserve it. But my wife and I knew that our in utero offspring did, so we bought a “Pinquino” roll around AC unit for my wife’s pregnancies, and used it until it died in a few years next to our bed.

But otherwise, we went cold turkey into Global Warming. So we have a 100 amp electrical service. And lots of fans.

But more, the “Walk The Talk” hubris of living a truly Green energy profile, one that does not throw money (which is carbon, BTW) at photovoltaics, thermal wells, or Bamboo flooring. We Just Said No to optional energy use. And live in shorts.

Now, the ironies of circumstance that made cheapness a virtue, now make moral superiority life saving.

All experts predicted that the light and heat in the this half of the globe’s summer would dampen the impact of the Covid19 Virus, unlike when we were cooped up in our heated homes, exchanging our local atmospheres and spreading infection while staying warm.

I had felt a twinge about 5 years ago when a European heat wave meant that millions of those living in ancient homes, who were also ancient, who simply never thought to have AC in a temperate European Climate, were fully endangered, thousands to the point of death by the raging heat. That was a little, well, disturbing as we are a half generation away from hot weather morbidity.

But now, now, that we universally are constricted and righteously convicted of our ethical and intellectually superiority in distancing, sanitizing, masking and, well, our superiority, have found out that those cooped up in 72 degrees while the world’s at 95 are as selfishly callow as those not wearing a mask in a meadow.

The South Shall Rise Again as a Covid19 Hotspot, while we sweating mid century Comfort Deniers smugly open our windows to the burn. And make our atmosphere less likely to kill us.

I love the smell of Superiority in the Morning, it smells like Sweat.

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  1. July 16, 2020 9:19 am

    Great rant, Duo! I call this the Original Green. The best thing we can do to live sustainably is to condition ourselves to the local environment and “live in season” so we can condition our homes less.

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