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HOME: Winners & Losers of COVID19

July 22, 2020


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Its a long, hot, COVID19 summer: we are basting in our reactions and, mostly, in our homes: Let Us Share Them!

Radio Legend Bruce Barber, AIA President George McGoldrick, Former Mayor of Trumbull, Tim Herbst, and Arts Doyen & Journalist Lucy Gellman vet WINNERS & LOSERS in our weird season: Some proffered awardees:


The table: we are no sitting at them, joined, but also socially distanced by the,

The window: they fully connect us to the world that we now appreciate

The thermostat: so much time doing little physical activity, we know know where it is too hot, or too cold

The Front Porch: The elevation and the railings make “distancing” social and friendly, but safe.

The Grill: Restaurants are still scary, even when you are outside, but outside cooking is just plain fun.

The “Extra” space: The walk in closet becomes your ZOOM cal studio, your guest room becomes your office, your basement becomes a retreat.

Cook Books: Who knew?

Zillow: All the joy of vicarious home porn viewing, with none of the guilt facilitated by by Sequestration


The Sink: All the day’s consumption has the byproduct of dirty dishes to deal with.

The Home Gym: It is all to often more guilt than motivator

The Coffee Table: The collector of all those projects you start, or think about, but never do, but never get rid of, either.

The Home TV: After 4 months you may become allergic to Binge Watching.

The Bed. A trap and Harbor for the COVID Night Terrors (and the terror of anticipating the Night Terrors)

The Great Room. Home Schooling, Zoom Calling, Multimealing pollute the flowing space as it it was New York Harbor in 1976

Zillow: Everyone Lives In A Better Place Than You.

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