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Real Estate & The Home, Now

August 23, 2020


We all live somewhere, and some of us own where we live, especially in places like Connecticut and Long Island where single family homes fully fill the landscape. In the last 40 years there have been unending Boom/Bust Cycles in Real Estate: The Gas Crisis, The Reagan Boom, The S&L Crisis, The Clinton Economy, The Tech Bubble, 9-11, The Housing Bubble, 2008, The Obama Recovery, COVID-19 – and now in a matter of months The Connecticut Housing Boom.

So quickly that anecdotes are its best data, the last two months have seen a Contrarian Paradise where “Bedroom Community” homes are spiking in Value, reports are price explosions of 20% in one month, unsolicited offers to buy homes not on the market, bidding wars, Real Estate Agents declaring a sudden explosion in interest during a Pandemically Stunted economy.

What is Up?

This is a show of anecdotal information: we are in the middle of a radical change in Connecticut, set between the Apple and the Bean – NY and Boston.  I have new homes commissioned on Long Island and throughout CT.  A group of 9 homes, in Madison, Ct, had 7 have commitments to buy in less than 4 days when the listing was posted.  Anecdotes create history, but not trends, patterns, the future.  We do not know the future, but listening allows us to understand where we are.  The HOME PAGE is about listening to the front lines of how people are changing their lives, first through their homes.

What is Up?

HOME PAGE brings in those on the front lines of home buying and selling to get some clarity and perspective with 4 Real Estate professionals that have different perspectives and markets up and down the shore of Long Island Sound.

Leigh Whiteman Is a real estate broker and leader of The Whiteman Team at William Raveis Real Estate. She has been selling real estate up and down the Connecticut Shoreline since 1988 and has helped her clients 

Todd Gould has lived on the Connecticut shore his entire life. He has been a broker/manager/owner for 27 years, from a family that has been involved in Real Estate for generations, and lives the market. 

Margaret Muir is a residential waterfront property expert who helped open Sotheby’s Affiliate offices in this part of the state 15 years ago – an office based in Madison Margaret has spent 30 years selling unique Ct shoreline properties largely second and third home purchases. 

In 1973, Tom Gorin became a full-time realtor, joining the venerable Greenwich independent firm Cleveland, Duble & Arnold. He was a broker and the sales manager for thirty years, Always active in the real estate community, Tom was the 2005 Realtor of the Year of the Greenwich Association and was honored to be inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2010.

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