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Unnecessary Complexity

August 30, 2020

Numbers become meaningless beyond a scale. Trillions of dollars thrown at a pandemic’s effects meant everyone in the US received $1,200. Everyone understood the latter, almost no one understands where it came from.

We all are what we see, feel, eat, dream, do – but we do not understand how it is we are those things. Sure, science does give names, defines the mechanical facts of physical transactions to a point. But how does bacteria get in our intestines that breaks down what our food becomes once we release the chemicals that break it down? How did those chemicals come to be generated in every mammal?

Of course, “Evolution”.

“Time” is the magic elixir of evolution. We just have no comprehension of the infinite length of days that has molded us. Infinite time = complexity. We in a 24 hour a day life live time, so we excuse complexity with that lens.

So describe the failures to me? The first stomach, the crude uses of organic material as food? Then how that food was reorganized into cells? And what about the deeper processes of all the things subcellular?

Oh, then you mention “God”

What we cannot know (yet) we ascribe to the Devine.

Sure, Intelligent Design, the Cosmic Architect defines, builds, evolves. Just like me. I can understand that. Which is why I can think it.

A friend died this week. He was a doctor. He insisted on knowing how he was dying, worked to extend his sentient time left, and was extremely active up until this summer. When huge focus is in death during a COVID Season, his death was just the common pedestrian failure of a body due to things that were not caused by anything beyond those physical definitions and mechanical actions my friend knew as well as any one I know.

But my friend was unnecessarily complex.

He spent years understanding history, cultures, community, the biosphere we are given, even people around him. Like me. Oh, and he spent a life learning enough, so he could do enough, that he could extend lives and train others to do so.

Oh, and he had a large family that he deeply, publicly loved.

Oh, and he knew that something was more important, but completely inscrutable in the warp and woof of everything he studied and lived. He knew there was God. Not the construction of religion that we can know because we made it: the harder truth of knowing enough to know that the insane complexity in every cell, let alone the huge and huger assemblies of them is beyond the time it took to create it.

But there was one central, elemental truth to my friend. He loved you.

Completely unnecessary, unearned, unreasonable. He loved you because he loved the world we are, despite, or perhaps because it was all so insanely, irrationally, inexplicably complex and diverse.

There is no reason in life. It is not a construction. It is a gift, unearned. It is received by those who are given it, but it is given to us, all for no known reason. Oh, of course Darwin saw the love of your children to the point of saving them while killing yourself perpetuated the survival of the species.

But the love of my friend perpetuated nothing. There was no defined, measured, net-net result. It was just love.

I help make things for my life. I am an architect. I help put together materials, systems, codes, money, places and help define what we build. For 45 years. But I am just a brief bit of wind that blows one stick upon another in the unfathomable complexity of the world I, and you, live in.

My friend knew that. And still loved me. Because I think he knew God.

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  1. September 1, 2020 3:48 am

    Great People. Great Minds!

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