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Missing Vacation

September 5, 2020

It’s been six months since we knew that life would not be the same.

We responded with Puritanical Self-Righteousness, Angry Entitlement, Mock Scientific Reverence, but mostly fear.

But no matter how we responded, our lizard brains saw that contact meant danger, and we scurried into our holes. That scurrying meant 2.2 million would not die, but our entitlement and ignorance meant that 400,000 will in the U.S. That is not nothing.

This year started in the Kabuki Dance of an Impeachment and is ending with the Freakshow of an Election. With a presidential nomination, murder, riots, hurricanes in between.

Some of us Type A self-justifiers simply worked thru it.

I have had 6 remote employees, now partially separating, for these six months. The first 2 months I was entirely alone in the office. I have been in the office all but 5 days out of the last 145. The 5 days were spent rectifying things in our home while one of our sons was there to help with one interstate site visit. Another next week.

No surprise there. No “Hero” garbage of fawning ads conferred to those who simply do less to save their own skin. This simple grind had a respite in sight for the first 5 months – our annual one week off, for lo these 25 years. Spent in the heaven of northern Vermont.

Northern Vermont is near COVID free, not for anything they did or didn’t do, but because almost no one went there. So it was not a little surprising when the august and fully empowered Law declared that our county (in a state with no counties), Connecticut (which did do much to have fewer folk get sick) was just too dangerous without sequestration before we went. We were not told that until it was too late to sequester in time(and I probably could not have, anyway). And we would not lie.

So no vacation for 24 months. Got it. Let’s go.

So work has eaten up the time since. And this 65 year old machine, with great and abundant fuel, and no mechanical difficulties, finds itself just a bit in need of a little more lubrication. It’s getting a little grindy

But that is true for all of us.

The note of a Miracle Vaccine in months is not greeted with “Great!” It is greeted with “Right.” (See the part about “Election”).

What is the wisdom imparted by these half year? None, to my understanding.

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  1. kim permalink
    September 5, 2020 8:40 am

    When vacation time finally arrives, you will have a beautiful home in Maine to stay. Near the water, near the mountain, quiet, and tall. Full of good food, and drink. I promise.

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