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No Sense

September 19, 2020

Life is not politics.

That was not so obvious in these months. Everything is qualified (or disqualified) by whether you want the President to be our president or not. There is less and less tolerance, more and more nullification of any validity of any credibility depending on what you believe was best for our government. People speak of revolution and “saving our country” and fascism – when we are having an election in a month.

But love does not respect those concerns.

We are not built by our beliefs, efforts, or achievements. We are made, wholly by things we cannot explain. Sure, a sperm meets an egg, a cell divides, a being results. But the complexities of what we see, feel and do has no legitimate causation, no formula of manufacture.

We are not the sum of our parts, we are the mystery of life. To me that means we are children of God. Answerable to the completely impossible possibilities of love and sacrifice. That we are all given.

Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsberg were fully politicized. One was a rock of conservative thought, the other an icon of liberal theory. Both went through the full vetting and voting of the US government to be on the highest court we created. Both got over 90 votes out of 100. Both never let a contested decision go uncommented upon, with extreme rigor and passion. This was serious business. The future of our culture was being wrecked or saved by their votes – and they almost always disagreed.

And they loved each other.

Why? One a robust Catholic, fully Christian. The other a devoted and observant Jew. One a hunter. The other a thinker. One a white male in a time when we ruled. The other a woman in a time of oppression and prejudice.

But they loved each other.

Those who knew them say they loved opera, food, and, of course the law. But that is not why they and their spouses loved being together.

They laughed.

In the dark, intense moralizing of knowing and imposing the Truth through Law, the intense arguments of history and logic, the ethical breast beating of dogged belief, they just loved each other.

It is because, in the end, they knew that their passions did not define them. God had already done that. You can laugh when you know that while you may know your truth, the greater truth is not yours to know. The greater truth is our humanity, and that is the clearest ring of God’s bell that we can hear.

There is no reason to laugh. Pain, injustice, fear, danger is all around us, every day – amped up by our megaphones in technology and systems.

But we laugh.

It makes no sense.

If the world was ours to make we would do nothing but make it, be with those who wish to make it the way we wish to make it. We would not waste our time, denigrate it, even validate what we reject, by being with it.

But they loved each other.

My best friend in high school was fairly much oppositional to me. I volunteered to be in NROTC (unsuccesfully). She wanted the soldiers out of Vietnam. Now. I loved football, deeply. She hated it. She had a near ideal family. I was alone.

But we love each other, after 50 years.

We do not choose love, it chooses us. Because God made us, not we ourselves. We simply can effect the gifts that we were given and refined, or not. We can close our minds to others because it threatens our belief in our righteousness.

Or we can love those we love. Not everyone. (Sorry, Jesus). But we can love those that for no reason are dear to us.

The greater truth reunited Ruth and Antonin yesterday.

I know they are laughing.

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