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October 25, 2020

18 members of the Yale Hockey Team brought Stage 3 Yale back to Stage 1. They partied until the plague danced with them. No museum for you. No gatherings (including sports). No reason to be at Yale or anywhere with anyone else. The best and the brightest have feet of clay inside their skates.

I sit, for minutes, at red lights with no other cars or pedestrians in sight, I am to be chastened. I should not be driving at all. I should train into the city. With people who may (or may not) have the plague. Don’t I see the other plague, the earth baking carbon my Honda Fit sighs out into the streetscape – while I am stopped at a traffic light for no other reason than to discourage me from driving by a very responsible city. By standing still, pumping carbon in the air, because we are pumping too much carbon in the air.

I wear The Mask as packs of the young roam, without looking at their phones, in fully joyous irresponsibility, walking somewhere, with the only carbon spewing is that with each exhale, perhaps with a few thousand plague bits.

Connecticut is one of 2 states (the other being Vermont) that has outlawed the playing of public high school football. Fair enough. But Connecticut is allowing high school wrestling. Inside, face pushed into the body, heavy breathing on top of each other is less dangerous than outdoor running around and knocking each other down. Really?

We remove our masks to avoiding spreading disease to smoke cigarettes, eat junk, drink alcohol that we know, know, harms us, and those around us.

What we want and what we have may never be the same thing. Aspiration is the essence of having life. Expression is the basic product of aspiration. It is just that expression, Right Now is its own reason,

The medium, screaming, is its own message. One candidate for President is simply the the reason to have him be the President, or it is the reason to vote for the Not Him. It is Scream Over Substance. It is an ALL IN CAPS World.

I find myself longing for lower case.

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