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Humility Won

November 5, 2020

The shouting has not stopped. It never will.

But reality emerged from rhetoric this week. Perhaps for the first time in 5 years.

No, Facism is not where we are, or where we are going. We are free to vote and realize the results, no matter how messy.

There is no mandate, except for tolerance.

This is not just a democracy of people, it is a democracy of place. The Senate will be the place of Place in America.

The anger and righteousness did not create a crushing defeat for anyone. People expressed, now they are listening.

The hate from, and the hate towards, whoever has abated. While anger abides, the lack of retribution was loud.

More people probably voted Tuesday than have ever voted before in America, we’ll see. The seeming winner sets a record, the loser, probably, a close second.

We are each different in perspective, location, demographics and perceived class and righteousness – but everyone who wanted to voice the facts, did – that will end the insanity of our hubris.

Somehow, for a few days, every predictor that was loudest in its projection, every one, was wrong in their pontification. Of course, our course will find direction, then, immediately, it will create opposition, no matter what the course is.

But for now, the bluster, the fear, the anger, is gone. For now.

In their place, perhaps, just a bit, a glimpse of humility. Our feelings can be consuming, but our reality is unavoidable.

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