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Have You Been to a Quarry?

November 16, 2020

We are on a lump of rock. All of us.

The thinnest of skins of life and some water covers the rock. But we sometimes reveal it. We make a quarry and create the inversion of a glacier top that we see above water.

We see the sea of rock in the quarries we blast and dig thru. Other places have gas, or liquid or, who knows, really. But we live on rock.

This place, this rock, has had life on it for a spec of time in its existing. And that spec of life is the only way we know that anything knows that rock and not rock exist.

A beloved in my life of 50 years is about to leave life. She had lived as immersed in life as those rocks were part of what the quarry. But now she will have their lack of life.

Why do we have trillions of tiny bits of stuff, all in extreme co-ordination, with thousands upon thousands of choreographed connections? We know, some, how some bits do what they do. We do not know much about the way they do what they do. But we know nothing about why we are not the quarry. Zero.

Oh, some attest the mechanism of “evolution”. Duh. Some assert that evolution plus time means anything is possible. Sure. I could play in the NFL, next week, too – if the circumstances were right. All is possible, because our hyper coordinated bits can see a path to it..

But none of us, none, know why we, and all of life, is not subsumed in a quarry.

It takes the absence of life, where life once existed, to put a mirror to ourselves, Old folk like me see it more than younger, We know the end will happen, but when?

With the surety of those who know that time and evolution makes the most insanely complicated realities our minds can (not) understand, others know (know) a life after life. We know it because we believe it.

I do not know anything. But I know this whole freak show of unfathomable numbers and varieties of cells are woven together as if each was placed in precise connection to others, then put in interaction in unending ways of making and remaking movement, thought, feeling.

The opposite of the quarry.

There is no knowing the meaning, let alone the mechanisms of creation. But there is the obvious insanity of assuming that we have it all settled. We know that this is just another quarry. Made in the same way that it was made.

Nothing to see here. Keep on making dinner. Or reading. Or more likely, now, looking at your phone.

The world has put the world on display as a place that people can die in an instant over these last 8 months. And with think an election solves it. Well, not death, but before we fail in this plague, maybe we won’t die when we do not want to. Or not as early as we could. Or…

No, we do not know why we are not a quarry. There is faith in that understanding if you can accept it.

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