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2021 HOME: Where Are We

December 17, 2020

We all live somewhere, those places are called homes, and those places are as common as they are unique in their manifestation of those who live in them. Another universality was with the entire world this year, for the first time in generations.

COVID19 is everywhere, all the time, and has been for most of this year. Whether we were shut in, or retreated to safety, or left a place of work, or school, or dining, or entertainment, everyone changed how we used our homes.

Did that change change our homes? HOME PAGE asks homeowners who happen to be architects the basic question” What Has Changed? Architects Pat Pinnell of Connecticut, Andrea Swartz of Indiana and Susan Ingham of Washington all have homes. They all used them differently than they used them before. They will all get vaccinated, their lives with change again:

Will their homes, will our homes, change again? Have homes changed beyond accommodating the imposition of a plague? When the plague abates, what will be changed in our homes? Perhaps nothing, perhaps everything.

Architecture never leads, it always follows, no matter what architects hope to be true. Homes are not changed by architects, they are changed by homeowners who engage with designers to embody the change that our culture imposes on our lives, and thus our homes. A time of change, one way or the other: either the Roaring 20’s or A Return To Normalcy: LISTEN!

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