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The Science

December 17, 2020

“Follow The Science” is political, again.

No, we, nor the earth, are the center of the universe.

But neither is The Science.

The Science is just us, making the universe (that is beyond immeasurable) apprehensible. The idea that humans discovering reality makes them distinct from that reality is just silly. So everything we are, do, think is just another fact in the unending facts that compose the universe.

“Follow The Science” means “The Science” is human consensus of what is true. That changes because we come to know more. The way we use what we know should not be ‘The Science”, but it inevitably becomes part of The Truth.

The one truth we all seem to neglect is our inevitable death. If death is seen to be just a part of The Science, the truth, then fear of it would cease. But The Science is not the universe, we are The Science. We created The Science, but not the universe.

But we know that we are in an unfathomable universe that we did not make, but we are convicted to create The Science so we can address its creation.

We want to know what the blizzard is before it comes, desperately. Endless models, projections and their hype conflate the universe with advertising dollars. In truth we are getting better at dealing with the most immediate facts of the universe: the weather, our bodies, what things and forces are made of.

But the more we know, the more we understand what we do not know.

So we, the uneducated, rely on The Science, to Follow it.

My BMI is fully 20% higher than it should be. But the last 8 viles of blood revealed that there is literally nothing unusual in my 65 year old bag of water. And I work out like crazy, so my resting heart rate is around 55. But my blood pressure is higher than The Science says it should be, so I take pills.

What does that mean?

I will die, but maybe later. That’s about it.

The science used to say that what made me went beyond life and death and was found in value. It was called Eugenics. Those without the markers of what The Science held as good, were deemed not as good. Even to the point of thinking about editing them out the reproduction of the good. Why?

Because we want to be in control of our universe, not be subject to it.

Almost every scientist I know is an atheist. The facts on the ground do not indicate anything more than The Science, and those that do (life being extended by prayer, things not following The Science – like Dark Matter, Junk DNA, the Kardashians) are dismissed as awaiting future enlightenment.

But that enlightenment – and everything else – came from, what, exactly? We made it? We made us? We can make us? We can know what simple data should let us know – like the blizzard. After a certain pint, we should have had Zero Deaths from COVID19, we knew how it was transmitted, but we did not do that. We could not do that.

The Science is a hope, the universe is a fact. The universe is not understood, so we either fear or hope, or both. Or we have faith.

Faith is that horrible word that immediately makes The Science dismiss its ignorance. But it knows its ignorance. Ignorance is not an anti fact, it is a fact. As is the fact that the most humans feel independent of another The Science – Religion. Like politics, cuisine, architecture or music, religion is a way humans deal with what they are subject to – within them and imposed on them.

But we did not make faith. It is there no matter how much we know.

Charles Darwin had a daughter he loved beyond all reason. So many children died before adulthood in the 19th century, that another death of a fragile growing body should not mean much. But when his daughter died, her death crushed him. In a letter, Darwin said “blessings on her.” – The Science would not understand the love given to just another bag of stuff in the ground, becoming it. But The Science is not us, or the universe, it’s just us, looking at the universe – like religion.

I do not have faith in the universe, because it is completely inscrutable. But I do have what I cannot understand or avoid – faith beyond these moments. An inconvenient fact that is as real as any other. It may not be enough, but it is all I have.

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