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“Kill” vs Aloha

December 25, 2020

According to an inside source, a salutation amongst Marines, either coming or going is “Kill”. Perhaps shortened from “I hope you kill it” (like “crush” or “wreck”) “Kill” seems quite the opposite of its non-military equivalent, Aloha.

But no one wants to “Aloha” 2020. We want it dead. As dead as the trees I cut down to celebrate our human effort in the cause of faith every year. But I never want to kill another year like this.

I want unnumbered invading cells to be killed by our vaccine preventing their own life extension. Now. Then in our limited years I want no Aloha return of this loss of our ability to do as we want.

But even in constriction humans do things. Hibernation, even defeat, is not what we do. We try.

A friend noted that there was a plague during a war in Greece 2,500 years ago. It killed one side’s leader. The other side one. The tradition was that the scores of temples to many Gods (on both sides) would receive faithful marches of believers to the temples of each. In those many temples were a couple to a God-on-Earth, thrown to our mortal plane by his fellow gods.

But unlike the others, that God was worshipped one human to one fallen human. Kind of like I do every morning.

After said war, and plague, new temples to the god-turned-human were built all over the countryside. When we know what we can’t do (like control a plague) (or win every war) humans attempt control over what they can control.

If the desired outcome is to kill the desire to live, our humanity – every single human – would need to be killed. This will happen. To each of us severally, but also via meteorite, plague, or nova. We are history, eventually.

This year has pushed the faces of each of us, of all of us, into the septic tank of our creations. What would have been just lunacy in elections, screaming of our injustices, the yelping whines of the dying off Boomer Generation from dominance, no matter what, last year could have just been a variant of all the other years we lived.

No, last year, please, was a singularity.

“Kill” indeed.

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