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Oh God, It’s Over

January 20, 2021

The Constitution worked. Science is about to end worldwide fear, suffering and death. We, the humans solve the problems that we often make, or make worse.

For four years about half of us have been fully immersed in “RESIST”. That ends for those people now. The other half of us have been as immersed making American “Great”. They are now fully committed to “RESIST”. All because of Inauguration of the next President. Today.

For an entire year the world has been obsessed with COVID19. We have all been saving ourselves, judging others, scared literally to the ends of avoiding death by following a pandemic’s arc. That will end with a couple of injections. In months.

We, necessarily devote to things that end.

I remember downtown Buffalo, silent, in the evening of 1972, and church bells fully and loudly tolling end to the Vietnam War. I remember my parents telling us of postponed Christmas Parties in the heat of August 1945 after VJ Day. I know how we felt at the end of pregnancies, the graduations from schools, even just the end of Christmas each year.

But this year will be different. Everyone took sides, at least a little. We felt justified by our beliefs because we know they were fundamentally correct. Masks save lives. Freedom is because we know what to do. I do not want to live in Scandinavia. I do want to live in Scandinavia.

We fully focused on what we knew to be true, and determined where all of us should be. Well, things changed.

We have a new President. We will not get COVID19. Now what?

The pink knit caps and embroidered red baseball caps are now put way (or worn by deadenders). So much of this year, these four years, has been spent in fear, anger, simply acting out the worst in us – all for the righteous meanings. Now, gone.

Now what?

We are all the same people we were before Donald Trump was president or the pandemic completely changed our lives. But some of us want transformation from devotion, they expect it.

But living in high fear or dungeon can hurt us (I knew and know many fully wrecked by war) but I do not think most of our devotions transform us to the salvational beings we expected, win or lose. We will be back to who we were this year.

Now what?

When we gave birth, we were done with nine months of fear, hope, joy and preparation. We were done. But we were just starting. A generation of fear, hope, joy and preparation followed, only for our children to turn to adulthood.

Now what?

I was always, well, fat, save the few years I played football. I then grew to be Really Fat. At about 50, I lost 1/3 of myself, becoming, well, less fat. That salvational devotion did not change me when I became less. Now I am less less fat than I was then, but still not Really Fat, but in all these literal ups and downs I am what God made me. No matter what weight the scale shows.

Our circumstances change our devotions whether we fail or succeed. Our appetites are eaten, or denied, but we are who we have always been, because we did not make us. We cannot finally modify the reality of what we did not make. We can be thinner, richer, educated, even win an election, but we end up where we always were.

We are God’s Children. In all this tempest, who had faith? Very few. We were going to be Fascist. We were going to be Socialist. We were going to get sick, maybe die. But save the sad victims, we are none of these.

After Inauguration Day some will still rail against whatever they knew, just knew, was at the core of fear, and that anger will be in realized in fighting the frightened fight. But most of us will not fight. We will lose the fear of COVID19, and I think none of us benefit from the fear or anger, and everyone benefits from understanding.

I understand that I am alive because of miracles I can not understand. Surviving a presidency or a pandemic can be laid upon the credit ledger of our correctness, or we can know that all of this – 100% – is God’s doing.

If those masked and maskless, pink or red hat wearers, atheist or Christ devoted acknowledge that we are all from one stem, one reality one truth – that we are all human – hate would not have a chance. Instead, for many we are either Nazi’s or Communists. I think that we are all here, the

I can hate at the drop of a mask, and I find that it is harder to love through it all. I think that we know Our ideas and our acts are fully allowed by the miraculous, even absurd, complexities of our existence. We can fix messes, but we cannot make us, or even understand how and why we are here..

It may be another “crisis” overwhelms our front lobes. It may be a “return to normalcy”. It may be that we will see that life goes on despite those crises. That’s what’s next.

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