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January 25, 2021


The world has changed, so architecture will change, so houses become the laboratory for change in design, process and technology as it always has been: What Does This Mean For Homes in the ‘20’s? Common Edge Collaborative was created 5 years ago to address architecture and its cultural context, evolution and social meanings. There has never been a time when perspective in what and how our homes mean to us and our culture than after a year where the pandemic has forced all of us to encounter our homes.

I have written for Common Edge Collaborative every month for five years. Martin Pedersen was a creator of the organization will join us, as well as two of the site’s contributing writers, Richard Buday and Mark Hewitt, who, like me, are architects who write. All of them, and me, and you, have homes. From the macro level of trying to understand architecture in the context of our culture to the micro reality of how each of us lives, these thought leaders have insights we should all hear.

The nimble reality of web-based commentary and shared understanding has a special meaning in this Pandemic year: everything has changed, but we will be inoculated soon, perhaps even “safe” by summer’s end. What of our present condition changes our homes, architecture, our culture? Homes are the canary in the cage of what we value: whatever architecture does, it has millions of test drives in all the homes we live in.

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