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Hate Is Not Sustainable

February 14, 2021

This post led a Facebook page yesterday.

Yesterday, for the unnumbered time, millions of people were apoplectically upset. Someone was not punished who had been, is, and will be a fully disgusting person, who may be responsible for deaths, and is surely responsible for hateful anger and violence. He will be prosecuted in many courts, and the Constitution that would not punish him in governmental sanction facilitated him being removed from power.

He turned millions of people into a mob of anger in support of him, and, now, millions more into raging projections of hate of him. These four years have dehumanized many, and we need to remember the realities of living together.

Those who were in full flame went beyond righteous anger in response to obviously destructive egomania. For some the rubicon was crossed between loathing to hating rage that wanted bodily harm not only for the former president, but anyone who voted not to punish him.

There are indeed victims of any self-serving acts of any person in power and there are victims of this former President, and I get their anger. But I personally know no one who was held in a cage, was negligently exposed to Covid19, or was hurt or threatened by a mob who supported Agent Orange. I am sure that there are many who had those outcomes. But hundreds of those I do know were beyond upset, they were in full rage, not over any act, but by a refusal to act to condemn the acts of someone who is infinitely disgusting.

But disgust is different from raging hate.

I have hated others. It is human. I regret it now, but I see it now, everywhere. Otherwise thoughtful, caring intelligent people, who have not been personally impacted by this last 4 years of Agent Orange have lost themselves in a country that has removed the focus of hate, a country who had more people quietly express themselves than in any other election despite fears of Fascism and voter suppression. The world is about to end the threat of Covid19, spring will come, and our culture is intact.

Of course there is injustice, morally reprehensible acts, probably hard crimes that will be adjudicated. But the fully vengeful anger is the worst within us no matter who loses themselves in it. The fully screaming meltdown yesterday transferred wonderful humans into blind vitriol.

When is expression not about what is being loved or hated, but about those doing the expressing?

I think it is when we forget the humanity within all of us. Like hundreds of millions of others, I would be happy to literally kill Hitler. But despite all anger there are few Hitlers. There are threats to humanity every day, and this threat lost power, will be prosecuted and probably go to jail.

But the issue is not whether Donald Trump is worth hating, he is. But, absent a personal direct threat, no one I know is worth losing myself over. These last four years were, for the vast majority of folk, seen on video screens from our places of sequestration.

I wish the lock downs explained the angry rage. I wish I had never had that response, to being wronged, but I have. But feeling something, anything, does not justify that feeling when it betrays your humanity

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