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Caught In The Middle

March 20, 2021

31 of 40

I cannot meet the Spring unmoved —

I feel the old desire —

A Hurry with a lingering, mixed,

A Warrant to be fair —

A Competition in my sense

With something hid in Her —

And as she vanishes, Remorse

I saw no more of Her.

Emily Dickinson

Like the stopped clock, the world is right twice a year.

Today is an equinox, where neither light nor dark dominates the day. “Right” may be a bit strong, but there are many things now fully incorrect.

We, here, still measure things with the King’s thumb – the inch – and twelve of them – his foot. 5280 of them make a thing – deemed mile. No logic, just human reconciliation of the objective.

Like years. Now deemed “The Common Era”, our years are defined as being before the birth of Jesus Christ and then counted the years after it. 0 may be a few years either way. But around the time my body assumes room temperature, it will be the 2,000th solar rotation since the Resurrection, another human event keyed to an objective reality.

Does it matter?

We seem to care. Stonehenge. Easter. Christmas. New Years Day. We mark our time around twinned events – world and human. The shortest day ends, and our Savior is Born and the year begins. Our days of light become longer than half our days’ hours and it is Spring, and Spring becomes Easter. We are fully controlled, but are equally fully aware, despite the dominance of the realities on earth. Or because of it.

Anecdotes flood around the facts. Often become the facts. Humans define the facts that are supposed to be factual, but are unseen to us unless we see them from other humans. There is no purity of truth despite Science. The equinox is, and will be Spring or Autumnal, or the solstice Winter or Summer. Vaccinations are necessary, or a total hoax.

And for many God is religion. But I know that Christ was probably not birthed on December 25th, but around that year, and probably in April. So religion is delightful, but human.

Independent of the sun, or the season, something happened 2,000 years ago. It is correct to dismiss the unscientific as anecdotal. But truth, hard facts, reality, can be anecdotal. The fact of faith is a fact. Education may dissuade, distractions might obscure, but repeatedly, for no benefit, love is there for the stranger, for the evil, for the doomed.

There is a common consensus for some that love is self-interest, and religion is the construction of our ignorance. God is there only as outcomes of human need, connecting dots of fear to weave a web of faith.

But facts are simply facts. Forget about religion, God is there, like the Spring. If the equinox was a fact alone, then the summer solstice is the next fact. Things happen because it gets warmer, lighter, then change, then there is no Spring, just weather. Nothing to see here. Just science.

If death was simply the composting of molecules into the engine of stuff that makes universes, then it would be as silent as space. But it changed a few hundred folk 2,000 or so years ago. We counted our years because of it. We understand that we do not understand because of it. There was no benefit, in fact mortal danger, to care about Christ then. But people did.

People know God in 2021, too. Making them invalid for many here in the northeast. I am sure the invalidity is reciprocated amongst all of us towards all of us. But humans are the ones who care. About Spring. About death. About Resurrection.

We mark the equinox, too, even in a Year Of Lent.

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  1. Mike O’Connor permalink
    March 20, 2021 4:19 pm

    Riff-on, Duo – riff-on! Resurrection, Pentecost, Ascension – Faith’s cycle. BTW the Boston Police Department shoulder patch bears the city’s founding date – “1630 AD.” Is this subject to change?

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