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March 22, 2021


We are having a moment. The freak of plague is, bit by bit, abating. The drudge of Winter in Sequestration is lifting, A year cast in fear may be ending. Many are still fully house bound. Many are getting sprung – emotionally as well as physically.

We have always had our homes, but this year, like a marriage, our homes had us (for good or for ill). We have seen some become ill, some die, leaving everyone changed – either becoming the screeching harpies of guilting the offending thoughtless, or the desolate hopeless hermits, or just plain angry.

All this weirdness has happened where we live. What do we do with this year of intimacy? Three fully engaged humans, a writer, a poet and a designer give HOME PAGE their take on this fully flipped season, now flipping again. In our homes.

Christine Woodside is a remarkable writer who has looked at the beauties of where and who we are, especially here in this part of creation. Sheila Bonenberger is an amazing poet, who has channeled the realities of who we are in this place that we do not always know. Roz Cama designs places, and sees the biosphere that we experience in and through them.

We have all been in this Year. But some have thought differently about it than we might have. Before we just snap to normal, let’s think about what we value, especially in the homes that we may know very differently than we did a year ago,

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