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Will Masks Become Yarmulke’s?

March 28, 2021

39 of 40

I never saw a Moor–

I never saw the Sea–

Yet know I how the Heather looks

And what a Billow be.

I never spoke with God,

Nor visited in Heaven–

Yet certain am I of the spot

As if the Checks were given–

Emily Dickinson

Theology gives cover for the supernatural. Science gives cover for the unknowable. Culture mixes faith and fact into an outcome that reveals motivations. Soon the science of masks may become the religion of masks.

Masks are necessary. They may have always been a good idea. But I still eat ice cream even though it is a bad idea, and at some point I will stop wearing a mask even though it may be a good idea to wear one for the rest of my life. Doing what we should do has limited death this year. But soon, we will have done enough.

This is a time where unknowables begin to become known. Faith is beginning to have an outcome. We will be over this interlude of universal fear, this year. But we are yet in its tide, it’s just that the tide may be receding.

In more and more meetings, more and more people feel free to ask “Do you mind if I take my mask off?” It is also Passover, on the cusp of Easter, and religion, even in the Northeast, is lightly front and center. Well, off center. Still at center are the masks. I cannot be without one, though I am past two weeks past two shots that have rendered me 97% unlikely of infection and virtually death-free from COVID. But, it is said, I endanger others. Even if I do not, they do not know that I am inoculated. So I reflect my respect for their vulnerability in all ways by wearing a mask.

Hijabs, yarmulke’s, and any number of cultural traditions in what humans choose to wear are the outcomes of deep motivation to be with God in the world. The sacred reality of faith in some may be justified by religion, but faith is there in silence as well as bible study.

Science is there, too. We may not know what 97% of our universe is, let alone why, for now there are imponderable unknowables. But some have faith that the universe is knowable, we just do not know it yet. But faith is as real as the 3% we do know, it’s just uniquely personal in the plane of universal realities.

So some of us were yarmulkes, just on their own head, not yours. But you see it, you know it means something. Deeply important. Sacred.

Will masks mean that in a year?

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  1. Janice Gruendel permalink
    March 28, 2021 5:58 am

    Love this

    JMGruendel. Sent by IPhone. Kindness Matters


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